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Add one to the list…

Dog Poop.

Below I said Asher almost ate dog poop. Almost.

Not any more. He succeeded in eating dog poop. I literally thought I was going to throw up. I screamed so loud I’m sure the neighbors heard me. That was the first time Asher had his mouth washed out with soap…and probably not the last…


Don't let that innocent smile fool you!


Things my son has put in his mouth today (not including food)

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Orange Crayon

Door stopper

Dog food

Beads from Eva’s bracelet that had fallen off


A magnet

A book

A shoe

Foam from a rubber ball that he bit in to

Boa Feathers

And almost dog poop…but Chris saved the day right before it went in to his mouth!

I’m a professional at the finger sweep I learned in CPR class!!!!

Everything else makes it in to his mouth just fine, but food…no way!!!

Happy Memorial Day!

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Don’t let that face fool you…he LOVES his Memorial Day jon jon!

Jon Jons

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Another thing I said I’d never do: Jon Jons.

No son of mine will ever wear anything that even remotely resembles one of those!

Well, see previous post for picture of Asher in a jon jon. I caved and I think he looks like the cutest thing since sliced bread:) He has one for Memorial Day so I’ll post another picture once he wears that one.

Happy Memorial Day!

The Good the Bad and the Ugly of a Modern Mom

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Anybody still out there???

In all honesty, I forgot my login name and password so it’s taken me awhile to do what I needed to do to get it sorted out!!!

So against my better judgment (my husband says we’ll be “hauled off”, and my mother, well, I don’t even know what she’ll say…) I’ve decided to start a blogging series called “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of a Modern Mom”.

You see I should have written a parenting book 4 years ago when I didn’t have kids, because I knew it all. Now that I have kids I have those moments, oh about every 10 minutes, where I think to myself, “All those things I said I’d never do when I was a parent are being tossed out the window right about now!” I think there’s a lot of things that we moms do that we’re just plain afraid to admit because of the judgment we think we’ll receive from other moms. So I’m just going to put those things out there:) And I think I’ll make it in to a blogging series. It’s real life people!

Today’s real confession:

Chris and I are not morning people. My biggest concern before having kids was the lack of sleep. Remember when sleeping in meant noon? Now, sleeping in is 8:30 a.m.! So on weekends, if Eva wakes up early and comes in to our room, we just give her the ipad and she sits at the end of our bed and watches a movie while we catch a few extra z’s. Hey, it works for us!

So here are a few teasers for my upcoming posts:

Frozen Peas


Restaurant etiquette


Bottle v. Breast

Things my son has put in his mouth today, not including food

Anybody out there have a confession they’d like to make? Come on, get if off your chest! You know you want to! We won’t judge! Laugh, yes. Judge? Of course not:)

And I couldn’t end without a picture of the two cutest kids you’ve ever seen.

Oh, this picture reminds me of one I need to add to the list: jon jons.

I’m such a slacker…

Our life is kind of nuts right now…to busy for me, but I guess I’ll just roll with it! Look at how easy-going I am:) My family would be so proud.

Here are a few pictures! Enjoy!

Fall at the Briley House!

Here are a few new pictures of the kids!

Eva’s growing up and talking so much! She ALWAYS has something to say (I don’t know where she got that from!). I can’t believe she’s going to be 3 in just 2 short months…

Asher will be 8 months old next Sunday. He’s making a lot of new sound. I swear I heard him say mama last week:) Most of the time he’s pretty chill, except when it comes to his food or getting dressed. He loves his food and he hates getting dressed. Typical boy!